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Expansion of solids

  1. Jul 28, 2007 #1
    Q 1. A brass rod and a lead rod each 80 cm long at 0 degree celsius are clamped together at one end with their free end coinciding. The seperation of the free ends of the rod if the system is placed in a steam bath at 100 degree celsius is ( coefficient of linear expansion of lead = 28*10^-6/degree celsius, coefficent of linear expansion of brass
    = 18 * 10^-6/degree celsius) :
    a. 0.2 mm
    b. 0.8 mm
    c. 1.4 mm
    d 1.6 mm

    Kindly Answer the above with the explanation
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    Kindly show an effort, first. :smile:
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    Doc Al

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    Show us your work and where you got stuck. What's the basic equation describing thermal expansion?
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    is this the answer???

    0.8 because the formula is delta L=(alpha) (L initial)(delta Temp.)
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