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Expansion of Space

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    I don't really understand how this makes sense. Space, in my mind, cannot be created nor destroyed. It just is there, and always will be there, maybe it can be stretched, but it is there. But apparently space can be created? How is this possible? Space isn't really an object, has no mass, energy, nothing. But it just appears? Something must make it appear, but what? Maybe its dark energy? Where is space created? Is it completely random or is it created somewhere specific? If space can be created, then can it be destroyed? Is space being created at the same rate that it did at the big bang? if not, what slowed it down?
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    How do we know it isn't something? Space contains vacuum energy, so is it not possible that it also is made of some form of energy?
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    vacuum energy? a vacuum is space with nothing in it.
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