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Expansion of time through space?

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    Time is one of the concepts on which no one really knows how it works. We know that we only conceive the present and the past, but cannot "remember" the future. But what makes it tick?

    Einstein showed that space and time (both we thought to be separate from each other for a long time) are very heavily intertwined. However an interjections must be made here; for we still look at spacetime, in most experiments, as separate entities. But what if we are to look at spacetime as a single entity to describe and explain time its self.

    Lets look and see what happens if we are to take space and time and use time as a measurement of expansion of the universe, that the more the universe expands the more time happens.

    Now rewind 13.7 billion years to the big bang. But rather of thinking all matter is in a ball a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a mm in space, think of Spacetime that small. now we fast forward in spacetime; the universe expands as well with the elapsed time do to the expansion (note: this does mean that for however much the universe expands there is a set limit of time within each measurement of expansion). As the Universe expands out on all sides consistently, the universes matter and energy spreads out and allows for a universal cool (making since of the 2.7 degree background radiation and taking care of inflation theories). This then allows for the universe to grow to its current size ( and works with each and all "lines" on the how the universe will expand, stabilize, or decrease).

    Do to lack of mathematical education do to a young age i have no idea of how this theory, in which i hope to blow your mind, will actually play out in reality. I am also not sure how well i explained it. Please leave criticism comments and ask questions if you dont understand.
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