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Expelsion of jews from europe and m.east

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    correct me if i'm wrong,jews lived all over europe and m.east and each time they were expelled from country after country.
    what caused that?
    and hyphoteticall question; could jews be expelled from this country?
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    If "this country" = U.S., then I think it's saef to say that this will never happen. Jews have been a displaced people (I think that term fits) for as far back in history as I've ever studied, and that's quite a ways. But almost nobody in the U.S. can trace their ancestry very far back without going to a time when their familly came here form elsewhere. We are all displaced peoples here.

    As for the first part of your question, I acn see no "natural" cause that would adequately explain it, so I'll leave that part to someone else.
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    This is not so. AFAIK there were two expulsions in Europe. From England in the 14th century and from Spain in 1492. They were never expelled from Germany or the Eastern European countries, although they were persecuted and confined to ghettos.

    Added: The reason for those two expulsion was religious predjudice by the Christians.
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    Chinese in southeast Asia; Indians, white, Lebanese and Ibo in Africa; whites in Latin America; ashkenazi Jews wherever they settle; and many others. In all cases a minority controls a large part of the economy, causing envy and often violence from the majority. In all those cases we have scores, the minority have a higher IQ than the majority.

    As discussed before, persecution of the minority will only give a short-term advantage to some in the majority. More long-term, all will lose. On obvious contemporary example is that Zimbabwe, once known as the food basket of Southern Africa, is now facing starvation.

    It is certainly possible that the Jews could be expelled from the U.S. if resentment would arise again, as so many times before in history. The white supremacists supporting this should consider the long-term consequences, and also that they too soon will be a minority in the U.S.
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    In Norway's 1814 constitution, "jews and jesuits" were forbidden access to the country.
    It's not exactly EXPULSION, but IMO, close enough..
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    Many more times:
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    The Jews in the United States are hated I believe far more by Blacks and Hispanics than by Whites. The White Far Right in the United States, like in Europe, have only a couple of issues with regards to Jews in my opinion. For example, American Renaissance is probably the most predominant White separatist organization in the United States with regards to academic members. It has been somewhat of a joke that they are criticized for being mostly Nazis and Jews. But what the Far Right (not skinheads) is upset about with regards to some Jews is their pro-immigration, pro-minority rights positions, and in some cases but not all, their Zionism. On most other issues they are seen as an asset to the brain trust. The question is, will they really be part of White America or against White America. No one wants to be a minority in the country they founded, so there is good reason why Whites are upset with the Jews because they have so much political clout and they promote open borders.

    There has been some indications that the Jews are rethinking the open borders agenda, in light of Arab immigration as being seen as a threat. If they switched to where most Whites are with regards to immigration, I think you would find very few Whites on the Far Right not embracing Jews as kindred spirits. Racial groups all have issues with other races and this is to be expected. And those issues are always changing.
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    I don't think creating a separate white/Jewish state is the solution. More people gives faster economic growth and more wealth for everybody. The more intelligent organizes the less intelligent, making them much more productive than otherwise. As long productivity per capita rises, more people means more wealth per capita. Look for example at the former very high productivity from the farms in Zimbabwe, organized by a very small number of whites with black workers.

    Also, there are many Hispanics/blacks that are more intelligent than the white average and especially the more stupid whites.

    I think relatively soon it will be possible to engineer for higher intelligence in our children. People go to great length to provide for their children, so probably most people will choose this if given the choice. Certain nations, like China, will probably make this compulsory. When this technology arrives, race will be irrelevant.
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    A theory in the expulsion of the Jews from those countries, has to do with the threat they posed on the countries where they lived. The expulsions occured during times when religion dominated politics. When the Jew, who never had an extremely significant position in politics, (though some were close to certain rulers) began to contribute more to the secular world and moved up in rank and social class, he was seen as a threat and it was determined that the only way to counter this threat was to expel all the Jews.
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    People have always been afraid of others that are different.

    Jews are a motivated people, and have a huge history of being hated. They have been the odd ones out in almost every empire. What can I say? People are pretty stupid in general.
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    Predicting the future is impossible... otherwise well things would be different but for the forseeable future there is no way the US would ever allow Jews to be kicked out... there would have to be change in the consitution and that would likely only be motivated by some war that the US would lose... also not likely as the US would most likely destroy the world before losing a war... so I don't see how it could happen.
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    Take a big enough time horizon - a thousand years, 10,000 - and it becomes obvious that prediction is impossible (to see why, try putting yourself in the shoes of those who lived 1,000 - or 10,000 - years ago, knowing only what they knew, and see how well you'd do trying to predict the atom bomb, Karl Marx, the internet, the 'discovery' of New Zealand', ...).

    Extrapolating from trends evident in today's world, the benefits of free trade (including international migration of labour) should be so overwhelming that 'explusion' of one group become really, really stupid (but then, if the US can dramatically cut the numbers of overseas students, as a knee-jerk response to 9/11 ...). The other extrapolation is less clear - what happens when demographic change results in large percentages of the population being >65 in age (you can take it for granted that few, if any, state 'pension' schemes will withstand this change)?
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    Although I agree that it is impossible to predicth the future... as I mentioned earlier, I do not forsee any possible way that any expulsion of any major groups taking place... I can see people in the US becomming very angry at a particular group... in something like 9/11 but to totaly revamp one of the key ideals of the U.S. constitution would take what I believe to be war... and like i mentioned earlier the U.S. would have to lose, and having a war where the U.S. could possibly lose on its homeland=armagadon
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    If you cannot understand how the Germans were made to hate the Jews, just remember how the USA was made to hate Liberals. It is the same rotten propaganda process.
  17. Dec 7, 2004 #16
    Actually I just though about what happened to Japanesse during the war... who knows the US is pretty stupid about a lot of things... like trying to convince me to sign up for the army for 15 minutes on the phone.
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    Wow, lately I have had the idea of the US becoming more conservative as the current administration plays on our fear of terrorism and economic depression, but yeah in the process we are being taught to hate liberals. I didn't realize that.

    The Jews are not a major groupo, they are only a few million people in an almost 300 million person population.

    Also, alot of you talk about changing the consitution, the US government doesn't have to change the constitution in order or to disobey it. Think about the "seperate but equal" laws in the south not so logn ago..or the Guantanamo Bay prisoners; no speedy trial for them...or the Patriot Act; how constitutional o:)
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