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Experiences with airbnb

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    Hi everyone! I wanted to ask PF if any of you have used airbnb to book rooms, and what has been your experience with doing so.

    I'm also curious in the converse -- that is, if any of you have actually rented out rooms through airbnb, and your experiences on that front.
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    I use airbnb and booking.com for everything now. I usually don't have ANY issues. One apartment in Paris was really bad smelling (cigarettes), so I called airbnb and they rebooked me somewhere immediately. In Prague the apartment was a little mildew smelling, but I just dealt with it.

    But other than those I've had nothing but success with the apartments themselves.

    Airbnb though has been going up in price and fees, and I think booking.com has gotten cheaper (they also have apartments in addition to hotels)
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    My friend has used it for accommodation last weekend and she had a good experience.
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    I used Airbnb to book an apartment for a week in Manhatten near Union Square. Perfect Experience, everything went smooth, loved it. Owner let us use her Transit card, even. Could not have gone better.
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