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I Experiment - Flux, Irradiance, wavelength from Temperature

  1. Jul 12, 2017 #1
    In my experimental setup I have a purpose built small aluminium tube that has a black layer on the inside to mimic a blackbody.

    The tube is heated so the inside emits as a blackbody. A seperate temperature sensor attached to the tube gives the temperature of the tube.

    I have a thermopile sensor inside the tube that reads temperature of the surface of the blackbody. I am confused how I can convert this data into quantities such as spectral radiance, radiance, wavelengths or flux.

    Using Wien Displacement Law I know I can get the peak wavelength emission of the blackbody from
    Peak wavelength = wien Displacement constant / temperature

    The temperature will be the value recorded by the thermopile sensor.

    I really don't understand how to extract anymore data from my temperature reading ... Radiometry is somewhat confusing! Please can someone assist
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