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Experiment for thermal conductivity and heat capacity

  1. Oct 18, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    I need to measure the thermal conductivity for a 80X5X2mm ceramic bar (made of PZT, lead zirconate titanate) in the length direction (80mm). I also will measure heat capacity.

    I have devised an experiment to measure each of these. The schematics are in the attached files as a pptx.

    For thermal conductivity, I will make a hole in a thermos, insulate the ceramic and put it through the hole. There will be a resistance heater inputting heat in the water in the thermos. Heat will flow out of the thermos through conduction through the ceramic. The thermal conductivity can be found my measuring the water temperature and the temperature at the top of the ceramic (at steady state). I am worried about this experiment because the thermal conductivity of the ceramic will be close to the insulation. Any suggestions? Any other comments for the practicality of this experiment?

    For heat capacity, I will simply heat the ceramic in a water bath and quickly place it in cool water or oil (don't want the ceramic to fracture, it is very expensive) and record the temperature change. The heat capacity of the ceramic can be solved for by knowing the initial and final temperatures. Any suggestions or comments?

    I really appreciate any comments.

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