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Experiment Ideas

  1. Apr 18, 2008 #1
    Hi everyone, I'm a grade 12 high school student taking Physics and I'm looking into some ideas for my final project.

    The idea is to come up with a physics lab/experiment that investigates a relationship (that can be graphed) between two variables or the determination of a physical constant.
    it can to relate to either kinematics, light, sound, waves, energy, or a mix of any.

    I've thought of some generic things like launching projectiles and so forth, but i just want to get some other ideas to think about.

    Shouldn't be to crazy, as i don't have a lot of materials, but just some original ideas.

    Thanks in advance for feedback!
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    A bog standard pendulum experiment. Very easy and reaps the marks.
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    Fun can always be had with magnets, as well. Maybe a small model maglev train? (Not necessarily moving along the rail, but demonstrating the lift principle.)
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    I'm not allowed to post links yet, however there is a website I use which features a wealth of experiements which you can find if you google "practical physics . org". I expect you could find some inspiration on there.
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