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Homework Help: Experiment question

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    Hey all...I am wondering if anyone knows what this experiment is called and "what is wrong with it".

    It was a large, clear light bulb with these 4 "wings" on the inside of it that were black on one side and white on the other. When you shine on a flashlight on it, the "wings" began to rotate on its axis. We are discussing electromagnetic waves in class and I think the prof. was demonstrating the effect of light radiation being able to produce power...?? At any rate, he said there is something "wrong" with it and we are supposed to figure what that is. He wouldn't tell us the name of the experiment so I'm at a loss. He kept saying the light was "pushing" the black side. I have tried to look at google and other sites with key words but no luck as of yet. Any suggestions or revelations would be greatly appreciated!

    Plus...I am dumb and don't know how to start my own post so I just tagged onto this one...figured the title of the previous post would serve me well. :)
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    I went to Edmund Scientific to find the name:

    http://sciencekit.com/category.asp_Q_c_E_756037 [Broken]

    And wikipedia to find out technical info:


    That should get you started. Let us know what you come up with.
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