B Experiment reverses the direction of heat flow

Experiment reverses the direction of heat flow
I hope this is the correct section to post this but I found it very is interesting

Link to original article: https://phys.org/news/2019-06-reverses.html

Quotes from the article:

"We investigated temperature changes in the spins of the nuclei of the hydrogen and carbon atoms. The chlorine atoms had no material role in the experiment. We used radio frequency pulses to place the spin of each nucleus at a different temperature, one cooler, another warmer. The temperature differences were small, on the order of tens of billionths of 1 Kelvin, but we now have techniques that enable us to manipulate and measure quantum systems with extreme precision. In this case, we measured the radio frequency fluctuations produced by the atomic nuclei," Serra said.

The researchers explored two situations: in one, the hydrogen and carbon nuclei began the process uncorrelated, and in the other, they were initially quantum-correlated.

"In the first case, with the nuclei uncorrelated, we observed heat flowing in the usual direction, from hot to cold, until both nuclei were at the same temperature. In the second, with the nuclei initially correlated, we observed heat flowing in the opposite direction, from cold to hot. The effect lasted a few thousandths of a second, until the initial correlation was consumed,"

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