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Homework Help: Experimental error

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    hi all
    im doing a lab on the atwoods machine basically i ahve calulated gravity as eqaul to 7.09 m/s^2 so i am way off because tis really 9.81. its because of human error when i was using the stop watch.
    i cant rember the formula for figuring out the perecentage of error even tho its really simple lol:rofl:
    its sumthing like 9.81 - 7. 09 then u multply or divive to get ur percentage
    haha thanks
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    http://www2.volstate.edu/tfarris/PHYS2110-2120/experimental_error_files/image002.gif [Broken]

    Dont forget to take the absolute value of the numerator.
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    thanks alot
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