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Experimental part in IPHO

  1. Mar 1, 2013 #1
    I am a student from india i just finished my class 10 exams . I want to appear in IPHO 2014 and IPHO 2015 . So let me tell you what preparations i have done uptill now .
    I read all the theory and solved almost all problems from resnick/halliday's FOP
    I am solving problems from IE IRODOV ( i solved abt 200 till now )...and SS krotov ( abt 50 solved ) .
    I have collected national olympiad papers of US,INDIA,CANADA,ENGLAND and AUSTRALIA
    i have also collected theory papers from APho and IPho ( 2000 - 2012 )

    So in India like other countries the first two rounds has only theory papers . I should say i am confident in clearing those two rounds . The third round however has experimental tests which i dont have any knowledge about nor can i solve experimental problems .
    My school neither has a good lab nor good teachers .

    I want to know how i can learn to solve the experimental problems in Physics Olympiad . Please help....
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