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I'm writing a paper for school about becoming an Experimental Physicist and have a few questions:

1. What degree or other credential is required to have this job?
2. What is the job outlook? (Upcoming retirements in the field, number of anticipated openings, any other information about the future of this job)
3. What is the earning potential for this career?
4. What skills and abilities should someone with this career possess?
5. What kind of schedule would someone in this career work?
6. What is the work environment like for people in this career?

I need to cite sources so pointing me in the right direction would help a lot.


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There is no job "experimental physicist". There is a large variety of jobs where experimental physicists work. The typical start is a university degree, often with a PhD.

As it is your homework, I won't do it for you. Finding sources to answer those questions is part of the work. Feel free to ask more specific questions if something in your sources is unclear.
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Try reading "Smashing Physics" by Jon Butterworth.

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