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Homework Help: Experiments on Molecules

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    First of all, sorry if I put this in the wrong board.

    Now, I have to do as much expreriments (for a school project) that would help to prove any information about molecules, that is very important to me, so if you know any experiments that would fit, then could you please write in here, or either PM me, since I think that this thread will be closed as worthless... :smile: Anyways, thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to PF Espresso! Anything that is homework or coursework related it welcome in this board.

    First of all, what level of equipment do you have available to you? What level are you working at?

    Secondly, do you have anything specific you would like to know 'about' molecules? Do you want to know about their structure? Or how they behave?
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    Well, I should actually do it at home, since it is a project, so it's mainly home equipment, but I am still able to get into the lab :p

    And my level, well high school, though I am not from America (Lithuania) anyways, as for molecules, then their stucture, and the way they behave yes :) Also their interaction if that is the right word. Well anything is appreciated :)

    And thank you
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