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Expert minesweeper with a cool 81!

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    I am not the best here. whozum and neurocomp are the better ones here.

    Check out this site for some truly insane scores! http://metanoodle.com/minesweeper/
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    congrats mattmns!!!
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    I don't get how people can get pics and videos of what's on their screen. :confused:
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    To get a pic of what is on your screen press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. Then load up your favorite paint program, and paste it (ctrl+v).

    To record your screen you need an actual program to do it. I use camtasia: http://www.techsmith.com/
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    *bows down to the mighty one*
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    congrats matt!!!

    you have now joined teh club of people who play too much minesweeper HEHE...i've almost quit...can't crack below 70 as hard as i may but i still play occasionally with no flags which is always fun.
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    Ha, I have been trying to quit too. I even bought chessmaster 10 and started playing that, but everytime I told myself I was going to quit, I would play more! And whenver I would think about quitting I would get an almost new record, or a screw up that would have been a new record. The other day I almost had what would have probably been an 83, and from there I have been playing a lot! I will stop, or at least try to, once I get a sum of below 100. I am now at 116. I have been trying to get that luck shot of 1 on beg, but that requires too much luck.
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    Holy freakin' cow, man ! That's just nuts !! :surprised

    You guys just freak me out ! :eek:
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    Holy ....

    I think I've completed it once in my life in like 15 minutes.

    My best intermediate is like 140 seconds.

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    Many years ago, I was obsessed about Minesweeper, and could play it for hours on end.
    I became rather good actually; my record was 79.
    Fortunately, I became fed up with the game soon thereafter.
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    crap! caps lock was on!
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    Are you too lazy to edit? That is funny...
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