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Experts in specific field

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    What would people who specialize in slime mold/slime mold proteins be called? What field would they be in? Thanks

    I guess another thing I want to know is, would it be possible to make hybrid proteins?
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    I don't think there is a special name. The field would depend on what kind of research they are engaging themselves in. To find articles relevant to slime molds, look on www.pubmed.com.
    Yes, that's possible (think GFP). Be aware that the properties of a protein are likely to change when you make a hybrid.
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    What are the odds that the properties of a protein will change when it becomes a hybrid, what affects that, etc?


    And by properties do you mean actions?

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    proteins are just chains of amino acids that fold into structures which leads to different functions. two proteins can differ by one one amino acid, and their functions can change dramatically if one amino acid is altered.

    properties and actions both.
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    Um, when you're using "properties" in this context, are you using it in a way which always includes actions? I mean, what are you using properties to refer to?

    Making a hybrid protein out of a protein wouldn't always change the action of the protein right? Could somebody give me some info on the circumstances where it would and wouldn't?

    (Sorry, edited post)

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    The action changes when you change the protein in such a way that it can not act anymore. When you change a single aminoacid in the active site, the whole function of the protein will be lost. If the protein needs to translocate from the cytoplasm and the nucleus and you make a really large hybrid, it can not translocate anymore. You can think of other situations.
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    Hey Needbioinfo, can you be more specific as to what topic this is about?

    is this a protein question or does it have to do with any specific thing you are doing.
    I already explained the protein thing, do you want more details?
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    It's a protein/gene question about some specific things...do you know when you'll be back? Anyways thanks
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