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Expired password?

  1. Dec 26, 2007 #1
    expired password???

    i just logged in and it says that my password is 182 days old and i have to change it.
    what does this mean??
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    It means you should change it. Security purposes.
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    i dont remember having to change my password in a very long time
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    but why it said, 182 days??
    i have my account for like 9 months
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    It's an erroneous message that pops up sometimes. Juast change your password and you'll be safe.
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    Not erroneous. Passwords should be changed every 6 months.
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    I meant that the number of days doesn't match the length of time since the password was activated. :smile:
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    ??? I've had the same one since I joined. You supplied it; shouldn't you be the one to change it? I have no idea how. :confused:
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