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Explain me the whole process of GLYCOLYSIS

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    Can anyone there please explain me the whole process of GLYCOLYSIS with all its phases step by step like a teacher so that I can understand it in a better way!
    Thanks in Advance!!!
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    You've got to give us a little more than this. If you want a full review of glycolysis, your best resource is a book or the web. If you are having trouble with any specific aspects of it, we are more than willing to help explain them, if you work along with us.
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    Oh I can't resist: Two rocket engines called Glycolysis and Fat Metabolism both funnel into a combustion chamber called the Kreb Cycle. And at the very top of each a key controls their thrust. That key, called Adrenalin caused a marvelous cascading-enzyme effect in which a very small turn of the key gets translated into a very large thrust. :smile: Now, your task, if you so choose to accept it, is to kindly translate this into Chemistry.
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    Ok, fair deal, I will do this if you are willing to read me War & Peace as a bedtime story, and explain the intricacies of Quantum Mechanics over lunch.
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