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Homework Help: Explain the difference of hyodrogen ions

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    The pH of a solution is determined by the value of -log[H] where [H] is the molar concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution

    The pH of water is 7, the pH of an acid is 3 and the pH of a strong base solution is 11. Explain the difference of hyodrogen ions in each of these solutions

    i have no idea how to get started on this one... 7 = -log7 once again no idea... i know that the answer will be to the negative power like 1/100 but cant get started. help would be appreciated :smile:
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    [tex]pH = -\log_{10}([H])[/tex]

    They give you the values for the left hand side, so plug those in, and solve for the corresponding [H] values. [H] is going to be your unknown here.

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