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Homework Help: Explain what vectors are

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    Help please!!

    Alright, in my physics class we have been going over vectors. We have done vector addition and subtraction.

    Problem is... I do not understand it!! My professor did not explain them well at all, and my teaching assistant did it even worse!!!

    Would anyone be so kind as to explain what vectors are, and how I use them? (In a language a first year physics student would be able to understand!)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Anything for Projectiles?

    This class is so random. The teacher is a nice guy, but he types his lectures in word and scrolls through them really fast, using examples from the textbook and not really explaining anything.

    Help please!
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    Projectiles are usually objects thrown under the gravity

    Projectiles are just two dimensions kinematics Problem. U can write kinematics equation in x & y direction The equations will be independent in regard with the two xy directions.

    Write the vector equations in two direction

    For eg initial velocity v0 at an angle [tex]\theta_0[/tex]

    so u have

    [tex]\vec v=v_0\cos\theta_0 i + (v_0\sin\theta-gt)j[/tex]

    similarly u can write for displacement
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