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Homework Help: Explain why this simplifies

  1. Sep 26, 2008 #1
    ok, i have this and know what it should simplify to, but why?


    i know it simplifies to


    but my book doesnt explain what exactly happens. could someone please shed some light and explain what exactly happens
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    I think you mistyped something. It doesn't simplify to that. Try for example x =pi/4.
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    I'm parsing his message as:


    Does that make sense?

    Edit: No, I misread!
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    thats what i kept seeing.

    i see it simplifies to one.

    the answer in the book shows the answer i previously gave over (1-sinx)^2

    then the final answer being

    1 over (1-sinx)
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    then the final being

    PS sorry for the double posting
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    That minus sign, which was absent in your original post, makes the whole world of difference. To simplify, just expand the numerator out and apply a trigo identity.
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