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Explaination of symbols?

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    What I am looking for is a link or "cheat sheet" that will give me an explaination of the symbols that are used in Physics Formulas. I have a basic understanding of some of the symbols but there are some that I do not understand. I have read several of Prof. Hawkings and Prof. Einsteins papers and I am wanting to get a better understanding of what I have read. Could I get some help in this matter?

    Thanks to all that respond!:biggrin:
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    If you look up the topic in Wikipedia, you should get the commonly used symbols and what they stand for, ideally with links to the pages that describe/explain each term in more detail.

    Alternatively, you could ask here for explanation of a particular formula/relation. Additionally, in the papers that you read, they should comment on non-standard symbols, or at least refer to the more introductory papers on the topic, which would probably describe the symbols used. And finally, if you look inside the front cover/in an appendix of many physics textbooks, you will find what you are looking for.
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    Also, if you're reading Einstein's original papers on relativity from 1905 etc., you should be aware that his notation is sometimes different from what modern textbooks use.
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    Ugh...I am soo not a fan of Einstein's notation. Granted, it is nice and compact, but what a pain it was to get used to.
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    @masudr - Thanks for your guidance! I shall put it to use.

    @jtbell - Here I am trying to understand what Einstein is saying only to find out that once I understand his writings I will have to translate them into modern notations.:cry: Are Prof. Hawking's and Dr. K.S. Thorne's notations the same?:rofl:
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