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Homework Help: Explanation of Formula

  1. Oct 27, 2008 #1
    Can someone please explain to me in brief detail as to what each expression means for the given formula:-


    and to how this formula works? It is a formula that has been given to me in order to work out time at which a waveform=V(min) for a dc smoothing circuit with a typical power supply.
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    A sine function oscillates between +1 and -1. Which means that the voltage you've been given oscillates between +Vmax and -Vmax. Vmax is also called the amplitude of the wave and is a measure of how "strong" this sinusoidal voltage signal is.

    the sine function is a function of time, meaning that the voltage oscillates in time.

    ω is the angular frequency: ω = 2πf, where f is the oscillation frequency. You can see that when t = 1/f, sin(wt) = sin(2π), and the oscillation has gone through one full cycle.
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    Thank you very much, it now makes alot more sense to me.
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