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Explanation of Kardashev Scale

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    I wasn't sure where to put this post, but I'm interested in the Kardashev Scale and what the different Types of Civilization are in relation to us. I'm only somewhat familiar with Types 1-3 but am interested if it can go higher than that and how it can be described.
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    Take the Kardashev Scale with a pinch of salt; it is not a realistic prediction on how extraterrestrials or future humans would act (how could we possibly know?) but it is a good way of highlighting energy consumption. A type I civilisation is one that harnesses all the energy available on a planet, Earth has about 1.74e17 watts apparently. A type II civilisation is one that uses all the energy of a star i.e. one that can build a Dyson sphere of some kind. A type III civilisation is one that builds a Dyson sphere around every star in a galaxy. Anything more than that is a civilisation that Dyson's galaxies worth of stars.

    This is just a thought experiment though, it is not to be taken as gospel or prophecy.
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