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Explanation please

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    S&D either needs to revised, or Ivan needs to apologize and do some explaining to why he is, as a moderator in an authoritative position on this website, calling my skepticism and debunking threads things such as “pedestrian speculation”. I do not insult or make fun of peoples intelligence, and I find is sickening that a moderator would. Yet he is allowed to talk about sasquatches, UFO’s, Aliens, and ‘Nessie. Now if that is not considered pedestrian speculation, then someone needs to define pedestrian speculation for me. If this question is continuously deleted and locked, I will post it somewhere else. If it happens again I will get in contact with the Webmaster, or whoever controls the website. I believe in equality, and I am not a pushover, so don’t think I am just going to disappear if I am continuously ignored. I enjoy posting on this website, but when this is going on. Thank you.

    Extremely Angry,
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I explained the rules to you.
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    S&D is for talking about UFO's and Sasquatch and Ghosts, etc... It is NOT for what we used to refer to as "Theory Development" or non-mainstream to outright crackpot science.

    Ivan is correct in locking or deleting any such posts from S&D. Your posts have been discussed in the mentor's private forum and Ivan is acting with unanimous support.

    I am locking this because the guidelines you agreed to state that any questions of this nature are to be discussed by pm or e-mail to the staff.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thanks Evo.

    Just to help make this clear one more time: We explore fringe evidence and claims of personal experience, not crackpot theories, conspiracy theories, or personal ideas about mainstream subject matter.
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