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Homework Help: Explanations Please

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    1. An airplane is moving with a constant velocity. You are sitting inside the airplane and you drop a ball. Describe what the ball's path looks like to you inside the plane and to someone standing still, observing the action from the ground. (Assume X-ray vision)

    2. Use Newton's Laws to explain why you feel the same in a motionless vehicle as you do in a car moving at a constant velocity.

    3. Explain using Newton's laws the effect of being pressed back in your seat when accelerating forward and being pushed forward while breaking.

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    Okay, what have YOU done on these? We are happy to help but we won't do your work for you and we want to see some indication that you are trying.
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    shutdown! everyone makes mistakes that is why pencils have erasers. how do you expect to learn material without trying it?
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    The questions are pretty simple, it should be explained in your book.
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