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Explenation of Everything (EoE)

  1. Sep 2, 2003 #1
    What do we need to explain?


    How can we explain everything?

    By an explenation that explains everything.

    What is that explenation of everyrthing?

    Well it is a concept in our mind, that there is an explenation for everything.

    Let us call that: Explenation of Everything, or in short: EoE.

    What does EoE explain?

    Well, everything.

    So, since this EoE explains everything, is it the Absolute Truth?

    Yes, absolutely.

    Is EoE then the only truth?

    Yes, there can't be any higher truth then that.

    Is EoE then same as God?

    Well if you prefer a different letter combination, go ahead. What's in a name?

    What can we actually use this Eoe (or GoD) for then?

    Well, nothing. And everything. What's the difference?
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