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Explicit formulae for L-function

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    in a seminar at my univesity we had a brief introduction to prime number theorem , in the blackboard the professor wrote

    [tex] \psi(x) =x-\sum_\rho\frac{x^\rho}{\rho} - \log(2\pi) -\log(1-x^{-2})/2 [/tex]

    and he also gave an introduction (gave no proofs since we were in a seminar an were in a hurry) to the thing he called L-function

    [tex] L(\chi,s)}=\sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{\chi(n)}{n^s} [/tex]

    and he said that 'Riemann zeta can be obtained from this ,

    My question is , can we have an explicit formula in the form

    [tex] ? =x-\sum_\rho\frac{x^\rho}{\rho} - G(x) [/tex]

    but with the 'zeros' of the L-fucntions ? , i mean we should evaluate the contour integral

    [tex] 2i \pi f(x)= \int_{c-i\infty}^{c+i\infty}ds \frac{ L'(\chi,s)}{ L(\chi,s)}\frac{x^{s}}{s} [/tex]
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