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Exploding Black Holes vs. Universal Singularity

How did light escape the Big Bang ?

Poll closed Jan 23, 2009.
  1. Time allowed for quantum tunneling violations to occur randomly.

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  2. God said, " Let there be light ! "

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  3. It never did; the Universe we experience is an illusion.

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  4. It never had to because the Big Bang never occurred.

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  1. Jan 9, 2009 #1
    My question is one more of cosmology than Quantum Theory although, my recent studies of the Scale Invariance of theoretical Quark Stars seems to hint that Quantum Mechanics is on the verge of a Quantum Leap in perception.

    i.e. A Theory that explains why some things are big and some things are small,
    yet everything is theoretically massless without velocity.

    1) Can an incredibly super-massive Black Hole absorb energy faster than it radiates and explode ?
    This would help explain Quasars with total light output exceeding entire galaxies.

    2) If not then how did the Big Bang actually occur ?

    The only way to theoretically ecape a singularity would be to travel faster than light
    which is exactly what time seems to do; It exists without any classical limits. Measurement involves the uncertainty principle and since clocks do not only measure change, they are made of changing fields, they cannot be accurate ! i.e. the Universe is much much much older than any prediction to date. Time ages, age = motion. Forward or in Reverse depending on how you see the future. So, if time stood still the Universe would fold in on itself without faster than light spatial/chronical expansion to overcome the enourmous pull of the Universal Singularity which still exists in time as it did before it unfolded, ( hope you can keep up here ! )
    i.e mass would collapse.

    Please explain.
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