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Exploding glass of sodaa

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    This is my first time posting and need your opinions to help ease my wife's anxiety on a strange happening this morning. She went to bed last night, brought up a glass of soda, drank half of it and placed the half full glass next to the bed on the night stand. The alarm clock went off this morning, which is near where the glass of soda is. She hit the snooze button and about 2-3 minutes later the glass "exploded". All was shattered ,but the bottom of the glass was in tact. She swears she never even touched the glass this morning. Any answers on why this might of happened?
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    My first thought is that there was an imperfection in the glass to begin with, such as uneven thickness, and a particlar sound from the radio set up a sympathetic vibration which initiated a crack. If the temperature of the pop increased, liquid in the crack might have expanded and thus wedged it open completely. It's hard to figure much farther than that without knowing what kind of glass it was, what temperature (ice or no), and what sort of racket the radio kicked up.

    edit: I always use a clock radio for the alarm, but of course I meant whatever kind you have.
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    I think it has something to do with resonance.But no sures though..
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