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Exploding grenade problem

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    Does anyone have a reference or know where I can see the solution to the exploding grenade problem?
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    Doc Al

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    What's the "exploding grenade" problem?
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    Is this an application of the dynamics of the COM ?

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    What is the COM?
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    center of mass
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    I don't know. I heard about a problem where inside an explosion (if you can not see the edge of the explosion) then at any point it appears as if everything is moving away from that point. It is was also used to describe how the universe looks like it is expanding no matter when you look from.
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    look up divergance
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    I know about divergence and Green's Theorem, etc. I am looking for the specific problem.
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    well I guess if you want to do a specific problem you'd have to work out how many pieces the grenade is going to split up into and then somehow prove that they are all receding from one another...

    assuming it is a spherical scattering it should be fairly easy....
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