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Exploding satellites.

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    If a satellite orbiting the earth exploded and the debris went hurtling into space at 1000mph how far would the debris travel before it ran out of momentum

    also, what would cause it to slow down.
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    Drag from gas and particles would be extremely negligible, so the only real thing working against the satellite would be gravity. Most likely the debris would either end up in an unstable orbit around Earth and eventually re-enter the atmosphere, or be pushed into an orbit with the Sun. Until it hit something such as a planet it would effectively never stop moving. Also, 1000 mph isn't really that fast. The Earth itself is travelling at an average of 107,200 km/h around the Sun, and things in orbit of the Earth are moving at several miles per second.
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    that's what i thought too,
    My old man wanted to know the answer to the question.
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