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I Exploring Einstein's theory about the curvature of space

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    Einstein's theory states that curvature of space (created by a celestial body around itself) determines the orbital path of other celestial bodies around it within that curved space by a constant lateral force acting towards the centre upon that revolving body. Then why is that a similar force does not impede the revolving body along its orbit by its own warping of space in front of it which is supposed to impede it's orbital velocity thereby decaying it's angular momentum over time?
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    It's actually the curvature of spacetime, rather than space. And, there are no forces involved. The Earth is following a natural path through the spacetime around the Sun.

    As far as the Earth is concerned it is in free-fall around the Sun. Its own gravity has no effect on this path. A ball that is thrown up in any direction is equally pulled back to Earth. But, the Earth doesn't pull itself back anywhere. The effect the Earth has on itself is equal in every direction.
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    True, only when the ratio of the masses is small.
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