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Homework Help: Exploring the Abyss - Food Webs of the Sea

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    "Exploring the Abyss"-- Food Webs of the Sea


    1. Create a chart to show five different animals found at great depths. The chart needs to include the name of the organism, characteristics, and special adaptations for surviving in that habitat.
    2. Create a food web for the habitat. Be sure to label the organisms as producers (if any), such as primary consumers.

    I'm on part two...

    "Click this photo for more information: At this site, be sure to check out the Food Web section."


    I looked but I can't seem to find "the Food Web section". Could someone point it out to me if they can find it? I hope I'm not just overlooking something that's in plain view.:blushing:
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    I'm assuming my getting no replies means that no one else can find it?:rofl:
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    did you try the web? here is one of the first hits I found on the net. http://pubs.nsta.org/galapagos/activities/marine.html [Broken]
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    I tried but I couldn't seem to find a food web that went down far enough...I'm supposed to be creating a food web that's for a particular depth.

    Here are the other links we were given for the other part of the assignment.

    http://www.earthsky.org/shows/show.php?date=20030906 [Broken]

    The chart I made included the following fish:

    Gulpers (Saccopharynx lavenbergi)
    Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta)
    Viperfish (Chauliodus sloani)
    Umbrellamouth Gulper (Eurypharynx pelecanoides)
    Anglerfish (Cryptopsaras couesi)
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    One useful approach is to search using key words "food web" and "?????" where you substitute either the common name, genus or genus & species for ????? Be sure to use double quotes when searching for a unique string (more than one word in sequence).
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    I'll try that, I don't have anything to lose.:rofl:
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    I tried, I failed... No one else can find the "Food Web section" in that other link or something else elsewhere?:frown:
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    It seems they have left the research of food webs up to you.
    Here is a description of http://oceanlink.island.net/oinfo/foodweb/foodweb.html [Broken], perhaps you can determine the relationships of your organisms based on their information.
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