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Explosion forces

  1. Sep 11, 2005 #1
    If an explosion occured inbetween a solid object (like a wall) and a moveable object (like a blue square on wheels... work with me here). Would the blue square move further than if the wall wasn't there?

    Diagram of sorts:
    http://www.thewexionweb.com/posts/bang1.png [Broken]

    An explaination about the why, would also be nice. Cheers :).
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    Probably. The expanding gasses would be constrained by the wall and there
    would be a stronger, longer push on the square. Note thought that if the
    wall is not very strong and it gets blown out of the way, then the square
    might not receive an influence from the gasses near the wall.

    It depends on how strong the wall is.
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    A suicide bomber that stands between a wall and a car, say along a crowded pavement, will kill more people than an explosion from a car that is parked next to a wall.

    If that is what your actually asking?
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    Suicide bomber? Not quite, but that's an analogy I suppose.

    I'm a games programmer on a degree course and am pondering what to do for my final year project. I'm thinking about some advanced explosion stuff, both the graphics side and the physics side.

    So, in this scenario, we're talking about an infinately strong wall (unless I go the route of a deformable environment, which is a whole project in itself really), though what I code will be adaptable to cope with such a situation, like if the explosion was between two 'cars' it'll blow them both apart at respective speeds dependant on distance from explosion, weight, friction, etc...

    Another additon to the project will be the way in which explosions expand in small areas. Throw a grenade into an air duct and you should expect quite a bit of backdraft from it (provided it doesn't destroy the duct of course), with all the required lovely visual effects to show it.

    What area of physics would explosion-expansion be? Fluid dynamics?

    I'm just collecting info right now to see if there's enough scope and depth to sufficiently challenge me, while also being do-able. Further suggestions on such a project (or any other project you might come up with) are much welcome.

    Thanks peeps.
  6. Sep 12, 2005 #5
    Cool then, I only have a basic knowledge of comp-games, but here is an idea that may, or may not have been around already, Glue-Grenade/Bomb?

    If one is thrown amongst lots of enemies, it slows them down, or fix's them to whatever they are near, thereby enabling easy 'pickings'?..and if one can aim it precisely, it can be throw onto an area where a 'bomb' is likely to go off, dampening the explosion and allowing a player to escape harm?

    I do not know if this is allready avialable, sort of like a "paintball", but Glueball instead or if its doable! this would be fluid-explosion of course?

    Best of luck!
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    Hmm, interesting. From a gameplay point of view there needs to be a negative side to using it. Like it uses up some of your 'armour' value or something, but that's getting towards gameplay mechanics.

    A Glue-grenade is more of a feature of a specific game, rather than what I'm trying to do, and that's write some engine code that allows the designer to achieve such features. For example, for this I might write a localised-bullet-time engine, whereby certain areas can be designated as 'slow' areas (and others as 'fast' I suppose). Having this engine then leads to the ability to make the Glue-grenade, as well as many other things.

    Though, localised bullet time, not a bad idea. :) Though not the hardest effect to achieve. Thanks for the input.

    Anything's possible ;)
  8. Sep 13, 2005 #7
    Ah..I think I get the mechanics of explosions?..lets say that in your linked image, what is the optimum area needed to place an explosive devise?..well if one placed a specific 'bomb' in the boot of car, then the back-end of car would experience 'fast-time', and leave most of the componants ie..engine at the front of the car intact (engine would adhere to slow-time). So there has to be an optimum area for "maximum-time/damage" a direct hit?..in/on the car would be the area directly under the front seats, in the middle of car, near to the heavy-duty solids, ie engine?

    As to between the wall, I think that the overall volume of area(air-in-street) allows the "wall and car" to experience the 'slow-time' damage.

    I think the compact area volume within the car, coupled with the closeness of damage causing componants(engine-breakable componants) will act as a guage for "fast-time" and "slow-time" when compared to say the area volume outside of car?

    But again I may be way off! :smile:
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