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Explosions in Space

  1. Jun 18, 2005 #1
    what use would a nuke be in space? Other than EMP, the heat, and the radiation, there's nothing about the explosion that would have effect. I mean, the only reason an explosion is and explosion is that it compresses the air around it. so what's the use?
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    Fusions are happening all the time in the sun(and any other star), and fusions produce greater energies than fissions...

    There r explosions in space, but what's the use of the question anyway??
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    EMP to knock out satellites, etc.
    Radiation/heat to damage/alter the trajectory of an asteroid/comet.
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    Also, nuclear explosions could possibly be used to propel spacecraft by concentrating the explosion output.
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    Check out the Project Orion thread in the Nuclear Engineering subformum.
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