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Homework Help: Exponential decay of voltage

  1. May 28, 2008 #1
    Please Help!

    This is based on the time at any point on the curve during exponential decay of voltage.

    Could someone explain to me this formula?




    I get 20/14.57=1.372683596
    where and how do you get 2.38, where does the 1n fall in and how? is there a numerical value for this statement? Please help?
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    Please don't multiple post the same question. Your question was answered in your original thread:


    What you are writing as 1n is actually LN, or the natural log. It is a button on your scientific calculator.
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    it still does not work!
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    Yes it does.

    t=(7.5ms) * LN(20v/14.57v) = 2.38ms.

    Divide 20/14.57, take the natural log, then multiply by 7.5. I get 2.375something.
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    Thank You!
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