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Homework Help: Exponential Equation

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    I have had this question for some time now and I am really struggling to find any information on the topic.

    So here it is,

    By research find out how an exponential function can be found by first obtaining a function using logarithms and then graphing.

    Show and explain why this method is valid for all exponential functions.

    So if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated,

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    If you take the log of the values of an exponential function and graph them against the dependent variable, then the result should be linear. So you can use graphical techniques to get the slope. And then use the slope to determine the exponential function. Is that what you are talking about?
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    I would say, just draw a line y =x once you have your logarithm, and then reflect your graph.

    There are inverse of each other.
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    Yes, i think this is what I am after. Once I take the logs, draw the graph and note the gradient, how do i determine the equation?
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    If you get a linear relation log(y)=m*x+c, the corresponding exponential relation is y=(e^c)*e^(m*x).
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    thanks very much, i will definately keep you informed as to my progress
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