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Exponential equation

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    Can someone give me a starter hint for this problem? Brain's not working at full speed...

    3^(2x) - 2*3^(x+5) + 3^10 = 0

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    Here are some rules for exponentials:

    [tex](a^b)^c=a^{b\cdot c}[/tex]

    [tex]a^b\cdot a^c=a^{b+c}[/tex]

    See if you can apply these rules to solve your equation.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Please use the homework outline for your posting of homework.

    Are you just trying to solve for x ... or it's derivative or ... what?

    Please be specific and show your attempt at a solution and then we can help you out.

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    Looking to solve for x. It is a homework problem... one that I assigned. I teach this for a living and although I'm sure there's something relatively simple that I'm missing, for the life of me I don't see it now. This is a review problem in precalculus so it doesn't involve calculus to solve.

    I've looked at it as: (3^2)^x - 2 (3^x)(3^5) + 3^10 = 0 but not sure where to go next. I don't want a solution - just a shove in the right direction. (Before I go mad!)
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    Rewrite your equation as 32x - 2*35*3x + 310 = 0.

    This is an equation that is quadratic in form, so you can use the Quadratic Formula to solve for 3x. After that, you can use logs to solve for x.
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    Sheesh! I had tried this by letting u = 3^x but made an error and gave up when it didn't work out. Thanks. I feel better now.
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