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Homework Help: Exponential Functions!, please help

  1. Oct 27, 2007 #1
    hey i have some hmwk and need help with a few questions. I would appreciate it if i could get some explanations :)

    1i) state the domain, range and the equations of the asymptotes.

    a) y= 1 / x+3

    b) y= (-2 / x-3) + 2
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    You are not writing those properly. That is aside from their not being exponential functions. What you wrote can be exactly represented as:
    [tex] \[
    y = \frac{1}{x} + 3 \\
    {\rm AND} \\
    y = \,\; - \frac{2}{{x - 3}} + 2 \\
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    yea sorry i didnt know how to write it like that, the second one is right, but for the first one the "+3" is with the denominator.
  5. Oct 27, 2007 #4
    i think i got the first one :S. is it that i draw the basic function of 1/x, then move that 3 units to the left?
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    That is correct.
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    Which is [tex]y=\frac{1}{x}[/tex] under a translation of [tex]\begin{bmatrix} 3 \\ 0 \end{bmatrix}[/tex]
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    First, as the very first thread says, this is NOT the place to post homework! I am moving this to the precalculus- homework forum.

    Second, you MUST post some of your own work so we will know what kind of help you need. Writing out the definition of "domain", "range", and "asymptote" might be a good place to start.

    Third, if you can't use LaTex, you can certainly use parentheses!

    Most people would interpret 1/x+ 3 as (1/x)+ 3. You mean 1/(x+3).

    Similarly, most people would interpret (-2 / x-3) + 2 as ((-2/x)- 3)+ 2.
    You mean -2/(x-3)+ 2.
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