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Exponentials! logs! help!

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    hi, out daughter doing AS maths is unsure of exponentail functions and how they relate to natural logs. she finds it really hard to solve equations involving logs.

    can you help explain the log laws to me so we understand and explain them to her. we hate the embarassed feeling of not knowing what to say.

    xxxxx Wayne and Gareth
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    Doc Al

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    (Unrelated response) Don't feel too embarassed, there is always a worse case than your own right? My dad couldn't help me with math past algebra I despite having a statistics major :) (thank goodness he is working in a field that doesn't require it or someone would be screwed)

    Maybe a more specific question would help, but two laws I didn't see covered in the above link (hyperphysics is a great website by the way) were the summation laws: ln(a) + ln(b) = ln(a*b) or ln(a) + ln([tex]b^{-1}[/tex]) = ln(a/b)
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    Here's another link that explains logarithms and the logarithmic rules.

    http://oakroadsystems.com/math/loglaws.htm [Broken]
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