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Exponentials on TI-83

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    hi guys,
    I have a little bit strange question

    Somebody maybe know how to add to exponential on calculator to get directly answer, i mean like that:

    8.7exp(-i145)+5.4exp(-i285) = 5.81exp(i176)

    but i dont know how get this without polar form
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    this is not a calculation you do on your calculator unless you have one that can do complex number addition.

    The 8.7exp(-i45) ... are complex numbers you need to convert each number to trig form from the euler form you have and then to x + iy form before adding them.
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    I tried this aslo but is not working, just adding/substracting real and imaginary part. I thought to change smth in MODE but but didt help
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    why do you have to do it on the calculator? is that what the teacher said?

    or does he/she expect you to use the calculator to convert it to the trig and then x+iy format and then use the calculator again to add the real and imaginary parts and then convert back to the euler format?
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    its for course electric power, need to count current faster
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    Thanks you so much :) i will test :)
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