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Exponents Question?

  1. May 20, 2015 #1
    If you divide 333333 by 33, what is the value of the remainder?

    I'm not sure where to starte since this number can't be put into a calculator. Is there something with logs? I was thinking of bringing the number down with logs to 333log333, but I'm confused as to where that will lead me.
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    Write 333 in prime number factors and see if that helps.
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    Taking the logarithm of [itex]333^{333}[/itex], divided by 3, would give 333log(333)- log(3). The difficulty is that your calculator can only give a limited number of decimal places for the logarithm and multiplying by 333, then taking the exponential of the result, will make the "round off error" worse.
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    Do you know modulo arithmetic? You should look into that. (It's not very difficult, it's mainly just a handy notational system to make problems like these easier)
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