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Expotential function

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    solve [tex] x =(e^y-e^{-y})/2 [/tex] for y in terms of x

    i kinda forgot how to do it~~~sign

    any help appreciated


    could anyone move this to homework k-12 section thx

    sorry about this
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    matt grime

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    It's a quadratic in e^y, albeit disguised. You'd have no problem solving

    2x= t - 1/t
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    [tex] 2x=e^{y}-e^{-y}[/tex]
    [tex] 2x\cdot e^{y}=e^{2y}-1 [/tex]
    [tex] e^{y}=\frac{2x\pm\sqrt{4x^{2}+4}}{2}[/tex]
    [tex] y=ln{(x\pm\sqrt{x^{2}+1})}[/tex]
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    The idea was that the OP would use Matt's suggestion and make the calculations on his/her own.
    Please,do not provide full answers,once the 'HINTS' have been given...:grumpy:

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    cool thx for the hint and the answer
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