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Extended bachelor vs master

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I am 25 years old and I have completed 2 years of bachelor courses where the majority is courses in Computer Science. Now I find myself in a situation where I can take specific courses for the 1 remaining year and get a general bachelor degree.

With this general bachelor degree I am able to take a master in Computer Science and some other fields.

The thing is that I am also interested in taking some courses into microcontrollers and hardware. That would mean that I have to extend my bachelor to 4 years(at least). Is it worth it? I can ofcourse still take a master after that but then it will have taken me 6 years of studying for everything.. and that in case I complete all courses per schedule.

What do you think? Is it worth to spend +1 year at bachelor level just taking courses you find interesting or should I just jump directly to a master? I am 25 years old at the moment and I feel a bit too old already for the prolonging of my studies.

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Is a "general" bachelor degree worth much? I would certainly be curious about such a thing on a technical resume. If you can indeed gain accelerated entry into your intended Masters program, then it might be worth it, but I generally expect a technical hire to have the depth of instruction that a technical Bachelors degree represents.

Since you said your intended Masters program is in computer science, a good code portfolio could make up for the name of your degree. I would be swayed by such evidence, but leery otherwise.

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