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Extended essay about PEM fuel cells

  1. Sep 7, 2009 #1
    I am doing the IB and have an extended essay to write. I intend to write it in Physics.
    I am thinking of doing something with my PEM fuel cell. However, I've found it hard to constrain the topic into the core of physics as fuel cell theory is mostly electrical chemistry.
    Any suggestions for a EE about PEM fuel cells?
    Efficiency? -theoretical vs practical? Investigation the effect on temperature?
    Gas flow? Pressure, temp, Bernoulli's formula?

    Any other suggestion for topic that is easier to constrain to hard physics?
    My teacher here in sweden is not very experienced with EE, but I am really interested in physics. Im doing physics HL ( equivalent to A levels or AP), so don't be afraid to give me challenging topics!

    Thanks in advance

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