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Extended Essay advice

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    I come from Morocco, and so I'm doing my essay on Henna, a moroccan product which you apply to either your hair or hand...At this stage, I don't know what's my research question, and thus I turn to you for some advice. If you wish to learn more about Henna, here's the URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henna

    All help appreciated! Thank you very much!
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    You are writing an essay on Henna, right? Well then, maybe you can write about the uses of Henna, how it's cultivated etc. The research question can write as 'Henna' and then you will write all the information about Henna.
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    Well, it's a chemistry essay, and hence I need to have to an experiment or chemistry related involved...Listing the uses of Henna will not be enough, but thank you for being the first and only one to offer me some advice.
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    Thank you fly high. Has anyone in this forum written an extended essay on chemistry? Please, I need your advice and experience. As a research question, I thought of investigating the concentration of lead in henna, and perhaps how this varies according from where it has been extracted?
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