Extensive Organic Chemistry Database

Hi there! This is my first post here, so a short introduction: my name is Rui Monteiro and i´m a Chemical Engineering student in Portugal, i´m 19. (btw, anyone from Portugal?)

So, what brings me here:
I came up with this Organic Chemistry Database (with a few inorganic compounds there too), wich has almost everything. You can search by name, formula, reaction or whatever, plus you can choose what you want to see: IR, MS and UV/Vis. spectrum (missing RMN spectrum there), reactions, ion energetics....
I´ve been looking for this type of database for a long time, i hope you guys enjoy taking a look at all the features and eventually use it :)

Here is the link:

Organic Chemistry Database

I hope this wasn´t posted here before, if it was, i´m truly sorry then.


(had to edit this, forgot to add the link lol)
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Welcome Rui!

Thank you for posting that link! If you have got any other usefull links related to Chemistry, please post them. When there are enough we could create a Chemistry resource page
You came up with an NIST database, eh?

Perhaps your school in Portugal has purchased access to SciFinder Scholar?
You´re welcome Monique! :)

My faculty has access to SciFinder Scholar i think, but i found this link at yahoo.com.

another good site

I found a really good site with a large data base (and its free)


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