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External hard drive

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    Would an external hard drive be useful for backing up data so I can restore my pc? Can I just plug one into my USB port and put files on it without having to set it up as a slave? Install software? Format? I actually only want to back up about 1gb. Would I be able to plug it into other pcs and get data from other pcs without any software or jumper settings?
    I'm thinking of getting a 4gb hard drive and setting it as a slave drive. I have everything except the hard drive. I'll probably have to deal with the format and OS on the 4gb hard drive conflicting with my system. thank you
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    To the first question the answer is typically yes. To the second, I think this is dependant upon the operating system you use. Win98, for example, may require a software driver to enable USB support whereas WinXP probably will not. To the third question, I believe many of the external drives come formatted and ready for use, reading the information on the boxes for specific drives may shed more light on your questions.
    Well, the answer to compatibility with other systems isn’t really going to be much different than what was previously touched on. As for being able to retrieve data the answer may depend on what type of file is created by your backup (if it's something peculiar another computer without the proper software may not know what to do with it). Of course if you simply copy and paste then retrieving won’t be a problem so long as the other computer is able to interface with the drive itself.
    Ok, now it sounds like you are switching from external drive ponderings to internal drive musings. The jumpers on external drives are not something you generally have to tamper with, whereas if you’re going internal they are.
    What else is there besides the hard drive itself ? Are you saying that you own an external hard drive enclosure but need a drive to put in it? I’m missing something here.

    I have seen those little USB thumbdrives exceeding 4GB in capacity. What a sweet thing to own one of those! :smile:

    Good luck
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    I brought up the 4 gb hard drive as an internal slave drive. I have no money for my pc and need to restore. I don't want to lose my files. I have Windows ME, 350mhz pentium2, 320mb ram, 7.83gb hard drive, and lots of problems. No cd burner (working) or I would use that. Thank you for the info, it is very useful
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    If you could network your computer with another having some spare hard disk space you could transfer your files to it. Afterwards you could repair your system with the knowledge your files are safe. If it is possible for you to do this you could avoid the 4GB drive altogether.
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    Thank you very much. I have access to a pc that I could network with mine. I'll be putting up a new thread on how to do my network soon.
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    If it is only 4 GB I would just get a cd burner. At 700MB each you would need 6 cds. If you get a dvd burner you only need 1 4.7GB disc. There is also CD-RW and DVD-RW if you want to write and delete files from these discs.
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    Hard-drives are cheap now, the minimum capacity sold in malaysia is 40GB.
    I bought an external casing that can convert internal 3.5" HDD and CDROM/writer to external drive/writer, connected by usb2.0 cable. Very convenient.
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    External hard drives are a great way of backing up your entire hard drive and the operating system.
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