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External HDD issues

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    So I just salvaged the HD from my laptop which just imploded itself, it still works and all (I have it connected to an enclosure and USB'd into my computer), but I can't get my files off of it. It keeps saying that the access is denied, and I realize this is a microsoft privacy thing, but is there a way for me to login to that copy of windows on that hard drive to prove I'm its rightful owner and stop giving me these relentless issues?
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    you could try changing the owner of that file/folder. right click and click properties (make sure simple file sharing is disabled in folder options, view tab, the one right at the very bottom) clcik security, click advanced, click on the owner tab, click on your username and click OK or apply.
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    Mshome Or Workgroup

    Go too the Folders Properties. To the Folders where the file is at And pick Share this folder on the network.

    If that do not work then.

    :biggrin:Network Connections maybe not the same Work group. Like Mshome Or Workgroup. For it have to be the same Names to work, and To see if it's the same name go to: My Computer,
    look in
    System Task,
    go to
    View system information,
    Computer Name
    you see.

    For example: "Kitchen Computer" or "Marry's

    Full Computer Name: ******

    Workgroup: MSHOME

    if the workgroup not the same both Computer. Then Click Change make the Workgroup the some. For windows 95 is name workgroup, windows 98 is name home, and Me is name home. For windows 2000 is name home. to Xp is name MSHOME, and windows Vista is name workgroup, But it maybe a Company that you or some one else name.
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    Most probably, You might have enabled "drive-lock" type of application in your lap-top's bios, which actually will not allow you to acces the data without the kernel commands passed thru the BIOS ID....
    If this is the case, look for the bios version in your laptop and search for the authentication "keyring" and add it in you curent machine's startup....
    if that was the case this shud solve the problem, else :

    You can try to set folder and files permission globally , and login via Admin and retrive the folder contents..though if you're using EFPS or HPFS , its sure will be lost , if you're just using NTFS, you can surely retrive the data though...
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    ....if all else fails "rescue disks", like http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page , may have some appls which may help.
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